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Quick Update

No, I have not yet had our little baby. I have, however, been occupied with two main things: 1) going for walks of 1-1.5 hours 2) baking. These have definitely caused me to be more offline than I otherwise would be.

The walks have been paying off in two healthy ways – my blood sugar is lower than previously and I believe that the baby has finally dropped. I am definitely using the bathroom more and when I compare photos, I look lower. Oh, and certain clothing choices are more breathable than they previously were, as well, which means to me that the baby is off my lungs.

The baking has just sporadically become a priority. Saturday was apple pie, today was oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (Spencer was a big boy helper!) in the morning and mini-caramelized apple cheesecakes in the afternoon (I wouldn’t use the recipe again, but they were relatively tasty. Andy may have eaten 3). I intended to make ‘Black Magic Brownies’ tonight, but I chose a bath instead :). They’re brownies made primarily with black beans…the recipe has intrigued me for over a year now, and I’m finally getting around to making them. Tomorrow will likely be the test day. I’ll keep you posted if I don’t have a baby.

Ultimately, that’s all the news I have. I’m starting to give up on the hope of an early labour, now setting my sights on being late to the point of being induced. Not my ideal or desire, but if I expect it to some degree, I won’t be as disappointed (I hope).

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