Quick Update

It’s been awhile since we updated, so I figured I’ve give a brief one right now.
There has mostly been a lot of nothing going on right now. I’ve been working, Andy’s been…well…relaxing, I suppose. We had a good Canada Day, and that’s been our excitement. Mostly. Heather, Andy’s sister, is coming to visit us next week. Well, we’re picking her up in Waterloo, then we’re going camping in Algonquin Park (note to self: bug repellent and citronella candles) for a few days before heading back here. I’m super excited for that! yay! I love camping.

We’ve painted a small bookshelf for my theology books; well, all except the bottom. We’ll have to finish that today. I’m very excited to be able to unpack those books. I believe that the items in the computer room are the last for us to unpack, and books are one of the biggest. We just went out this morning to Ikea to get some more bookshelves, and now we’ve got 4 total, 3 from Ikea. Though 2 of them might just be for holding things rather than books, as we seem to have equal amounts of things and books in that room.

Other than that, there isn’t much. We’ve finally got some nice weather, and we’re hoping it’ll hold up for our camping trip. Yay!

Hope you’re all doing well!

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