Rrrrrr, Matey

It’s Friday night and we’re watching Pirates. Andy and I were just talking about the fact that this movie is already going on 7 years and still it is a most desirable film to watch and to imitate in costumes. As Andy put it, if you’re dressing up as a pirate, why wouldn’t you want to be Captain Jack Sparrow? It’s going to be weird when Spencer thinks this is a movie from waaaay back when.

We think he’s growing more teeth in. We think it’s his lower left lateral incisor (the one beside the big tooth). Poor kid. He’s been fairly fussy and unhappy the past couple of days, but there was no indication in his mouth that anything was happening.

At any rate, I took some extremely cute photos of him yesterday that I didn’t share, and now I think I will. He likes making faces in his crib. Today’s photo is of him trying on Andy’s sandal. He has big feet, but not that big! Enjoy.

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Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


  • Jenn

    Ha ha ha Adam – I was thinking how he is definitely taking after Jane in the goofiness category. But I don’t know Andy very well. He could be equally mad. Lucky Spencer!!!

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