New Theme and New Picture!

If you haven’t noticed, this indicates that your browser is somehow very disfunctional, I changed the layout of my blog. In fact, I switched to the beta blogger, which has a few extra features that I’m enjoying. One thing to note for it, however, is that it is viewed best in the Firefox browser. Generally speaking, Firefox is much more user friendly than anything Internet Explorer has provided. This new layout should work with Internet Explorer, but one of their known issues they have that they’re still trying to work out (it is a beta prog) is with Internet Explorer, where the browser locks up and crashes. If you’re having an issue viewing my blog, please go to their known issues page and try to see if it’s something they’re working on. I know others of you use Opera or Safari, they have sections on that page for those browsers too.

Other than that, things are quite stressful right now. We’re having the carpet redone this week in our offices, you know, the week everything starts up or the week before, so that’s rather a pain even though it’s necessary. As a result, I have to pack up my room instead of prepping for confirmation, which is starting next week. Oi.

So enough of that. Here are some pictures from when Brian and I went to Paramount’s Great America. Eventually I want to be able to put up the videos we took while there of a few of the rides we went on. One, called Drop Zone, was my nemisis, so I had to go on it twice to make sure I could conquor it. Just ask Brian.

Update: So it seems there are some problems with uploading images to the blogger beta…I managed one, so you’ll get the one picture I was able to upload. I can get more up, but at a pace of one per upload, I don’t have time right now. You’ll have to wait for the rest of the pics, which are really good, thanks for asking :D.

An also, here’s another video:
What older people do for fun


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