The Most Terrible Sleep

So last night Andy and I had the worst sleep ever. Well, maybe not completely ever, but it’s sure drained us. There is a problem. The apartment building is getting on in its age, fair enough. We noticed that the windows do not seal properly – there is condensation between the double panelling proving moisture gets in. We noted on one other night this same conclusion because the wind permeated the window through cracks because it is not properly sealed, and in the process, would rattle the window as it did so really badly. The whole night. We attempted to put a stop to it by putting a t-shirt between the part of the window that opens & closes, and that helped a lot.
However, last night, the wind was strong the whole night though, east-bound, which hits our west facing window directly. Thankfully, it didn’t rattle the window, but it did create a howl all night to greater or lesser degrees depending on the force of the wind. And it dropped the temperature in our room by what feels like several degrees, making it noisy and very cold.
We did mention this to the property management, and were told verbally that new windows were on order, but does anyone have any idea how to approach this problem? The first time when the wind was rattling our windows all night, we could visibly see the wind moving the blinds on our side. The blinds may have done that last night, but I was tired and cold, so I tried not to pay attention to them.
Oddly enough, Ottawa (or at least Blackburn Hamlet) is a windy place. There is almost always a decently strong wind blowing. I hate being kept up all night because of faulty windows, but how would one phrase it in a letter to the property management? I’ve gotten the sense that they’re sticky when it comes to spending money on upkeep of apartments here (though that doesn’t mean they’re allowed to neglect their duty in maintenance). Any kind of help or thoughts on the matter would be greatful!
Hope everyone else is doing well!

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