No house, but mouse.

As many of you may have heard, we have decided against the house. The home inspector found water and mould in a non-finished area in the finished basement, and we did not feel that we could be satisfied by normal methods to determine whether there were cracks in the foundation or to know what extent the mould was growing. We would want the basement to be basically dismantled to make sure there were no serious problems, and we hardly think that the sellers would be willing to do this, and we just did not want to purchase a house not knowing, especially since Spencer has a vulnerable immune system being so young. Also, the structure of the roof was falling apart, and while the sellers were willing to do some work on the roof (which from the report seemed doubtful it could survive a regular Ottawa winter), I think Andy and I were more looking for it to be completely redone rather than just reinforced. Another concern of ours was that we need this house to be able to be re-sold, and we haven’t the money or time to redo these big items, especially if they are known to us beforehand. So, we’re disappointed that it didn’t work out, but also thankful for home inspections. Now we just need to re-save the money we spent on the home inspection and the septic inspection. And possibly wait for the house market to crash. Well, that’s our hope 🙂

In other news, Andy’s busiest week is officially finished. All that’s left is the year-end mass next week, and then he’s basically free from major events for the rest of the year! Yay! The stress of the house stuff and the busiest week of the year together were a bit much for him, but he’s recovering well.

Spencer is doing some serious growing. He’s outgrown the majority of his 3-6 month clothes, having gotten extremely looooong the past week and a half. We went to the doctor Tuesday for his 4 month check up and vaccinations. He’s a healthy 12 lbs 7oz, and 63cm.

And in more other news, we still have mice. We know where they are coming in, we contacted the management people, they put in steel wool around the area that they weren’t coming in, and so we still have mice. We need to re-contact them to let them know that we’ve caught another since they put in the steel wool. Yuck mouse.

Currently, there is only one month and four days until we get to head to Regina! Yay! Very much looking forward to the vacation, and I am certain that Spencer’s relatives in the west are very excited to finally be able to meet him. I’m excited too. He is a little cutie. Even when he screams.

I think that’s about all for now. Oh, and I am officially 28 years old, having finished my 28th year on the 27th of May. Yay! It sure was a great year, what with starting school and with meeting and caring for Spencer. I’m very excited for what this 29th year holds!

Adieu until next time, folks!

Looks so old!

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Oh, Spencer

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