6 Months!

Hola Everyone!
It is wet and thoroughly miserable outside here. I actually used the umbrella I bought not too long ago to a very good extent walking to work today. *sigh* oh well. Can’t have everything, right? 😉

I hear finals are coming up, so I hope everyone’s busily catching up from their procrastination pre-work that was well implemented for the semester up until now ;). I heard my bro Adam (along with a few others from the PG crowd) was in the Northern Catholic News paper, so that’s pretty darned cool. Keep in mind that his birthday is coming up on the 9th (this Sunday), and, as he told me, he’ll be halfway to 40! So yay! You’re getting to be an old man, Adam! Though not as old as some other characters I know…

Speaking of old, Andy and I have now been dating for 6 months today! I hadn’t realised that so much time has passed until he was like, ‘it’s tomorrow’. Weird. But I’m happy, he’s happy (or had better be 😉 and things are going good, if not a little distant geographically. I just thought I’d share that with you all, as it feels like a good step further, and I like celebrations. Like, they’re very good things, and worthy to have a drink to and watch a movie for. 😀

Hope you’re all doing well! Peace out.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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