Happy December!

Holy carps!
Where did the year go?! I’ve now been down here for a year (a few days over, but who’s counting), which is nuts to think about, and this year, I’m going home for Christmas! Yay! I’m very much looking forward to being back in my Canadaland. And seeing Mr. Fiancé over there will be really nice.

What else…well, I’ve got the teens doing Caroling Cards this year!! I’m very excited about that. More excited that they thought it was a really cool idea and wanted to do it. We’re gonna be delivering the cards and caroling on the 15th. If you’re one of those people who hasn’t experienced a Caroling Card, they’re really cool. You purchase a card from the teens after a mass, give us the name and address of who you want the card delivered to, pick a carol from our list, and we deliver the card and sing the carol! When I ran the idea by the staff, they thought it was such a cute idea. At home, we had sold them anywhere from $7-8-ish, but they were like, ‘Oh no, sell it for more! You could get $10 easily for that!’, so $10 it is. Maybe next year it’ll be $11. And maybe it’ll keep creeping up, if it goes over well 🙂

Aaaand, I think I’m officially a weather-wuss! I’m cold and it’s 15 degrees out. My body seems to have adapted to the warm climate pretty easily, so its heat/cold gauge has changed. … Yup, my toes are quite cold, and I had a hot water bottle warming my bed last night. And I’m choosing not to turn on my furnace this winter because I don’t want to pay the extra money. There are other ways to get warm, like layering. Though I used my furnace more than Andy used his last winter…

And in 22-ish days, I’m leaving this place! I can’t wait. Not much longer now!
Anyway, that’s about it. Hope you’re all keeping toasty warm in some way!

Edit: I thought you techie people out there might enjoy this comedic video I stumbled upon about the Help Desk

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