Darned Cold Again

So, it has come to my attention by the good man Peter that I have not updated my blog in a rather significant amount of time. I’d like to take this moment and thank Pete for showing an interest in my life. It’s rather encouraging, and I appreciate it :). That and he tells me that he’s “on the edge of my seat here!”. 😉

Alrighty. So, I now have an address, and if people ever want to find me or send me stuff, email me and I’ll let you ‘in’ on the secret stow-away hiding place. I’ll let you know now, though, there are spiders down here. Not many, and not huge (yet that I’ve seen), but there are spiders. And I’ve heard there are cockroaches too. But my place seems pretty good so far. I also now have a cell phone, and if you want that number, again, email me and I’ll send it to you. Nothing like being able to contact me so that you can get into the stow-away hiding place. And what else…ooh, I’ve now got a bank account down here, which is nice and local. And I have found a car that I really want, and I just need to find the way to finance purchasing it. It’s a 2003 Volks Jetta, standard with leather seats. Oooh, it’s so nice! And it’s under $14,000, which is a very reasonable deal. I could have bought a 1999 Mercedes-Benz for cheaper, but Rick, the worship director who’s office is beside mine, has that exact same model, and that would just be odd. Though it’s a really nice car. Really nice. But automatic. Yah, if you want to find a really really nice used vehicle, buy one from the San Clemente area – it’s so rich that people get rid of their cars just because they’re tired of the colour, and they’re only a year or two old. Maybe. Yah, anyways, the car is silver. I really hope I can finance it.

What else…I am disappointed to say that I have not yet been down to the beach and touched the sand while I’ve been here. My mom and I walked down the Pier, but we never went to the sand. Though it smells like the sea today. And it’s overcast. Last night it dropped to a terrible 7 degrees C! It was cold! ;). The jr. high group had their youth meeting outside, and I didn’t have a sweater, so I only stayed for half before I was really cold and decided to leave. They seem like a rambunctious group, and next year, I’ll be taking half of them! Or some of them. Oooh, jr. high here is gr.’s 7 and 8, which is different. So senior high is gr.’s 9-12, which is a rather odd twist of things. But yah.

So I’ll also be working with our Director of Religious Ed. to form a young adults group, which will hopefully be started soon after Christmas. I’m hoping that by going this route I’ll be able to come across some young adults who are interested in helping with the youth group, which would be great. Make it a little more easy.

Hopefully next week I’ll be able to look into seeing what time I can spend at the high schools in the area so that I can get to know the teens a bit more.

Other than that, not much else is happening. I’m still slowly settling into my place, I finally got electricity yesterday, so I bought groceries that can be put into the fridge. Oooh, the price of groceries is really expensive here! Well, at least at the place I’m going to now. I think I’ll have to look for another place that might be less expensive (I’ll have to find a Costco). But things are going well. The people I’m working with are very awesome! Very supportive, very generous with their gifts (Rick helped me look for a car, as it’s a hobby of his to look for cars and he’s been doing it for years) and talents. I’m really liking it here so far. And Brian isn’t too far away either! So hopefully after the new year we might be able to make a trip and say ‘hullo’, which’ll be nice to get a dose of Prince George-i-ness in this American world.

So that’s my life. Who’s up for a visit in January? ;). I should have some sort of order to my place by then. Lemme know how things are going with all of youse! And if you want my address & phone number, just email me and let me know. I’m praying for all you people who are madly finishing their papers and exams (cause this time of year bites for that!).


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