Oh the bliss of leisure reading…

Aaaah, yes…perhaps half of you wouldn’t understand the meaning of ‘leisure reading’, but its definition, according to me, is ‘to read whatever book I find most enjoyment in’. On Saturday, one of my days off (yes, those do exist as well, you students), instead of sitting down to revise my budget and balance my chequing account, I decided to stay put in my pajamas, grab the Half-Blood Prince, sit on my couch all day, and finish reading it. I had started it about 2 and a half months ago and got about halfway through it. I am proud to say that I indeed finished my leisure reading, and still had time left in the day! I seriously considered starting the book again, then decided to just not.

Reading the Sixth again actually brought up a few different issues that I hadn’t caught the first few times, and I’m keen to read it once more and note those places where my curiosity was captured. However, I will not be doing that this post. I want to read the book again and reforge my ideas before I bring them to light. They have to do with Snape, though; I will reveal that much.

In other news, …well…there isn’t much other news. The point of this post was mainly to gloat how I don’t have papers to do anymore. And it has now achieved its purpose. Muahahaha. Take care, peeps!
Peace out.

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