Save the Seals…uhm..save yourselves!

and the rest of the world from your example at that!

An interesting twist on the Paul McCartney cause.

So, it’s Friday today, and technically my day off. Though I’ve agreed to go to some breakfast thing this morning….I think i forgot it was my day off. Oh well. And something kinda neat is that the bishop for the Orange diocese (my diocese) gave an exemption for fasting today (Friday) since it’s St. Paddy’s Day, so long as we fast on another day this week. Which I did, so I’m eating today! Woohoo! Suckers. 😀

Yeah, that’s really about all the interesting news I have. It’s not a lot, is it? Well, perhaps some of you will have something a little more interesting to post or comment. Talk with youse latah!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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