The PCH!

Pacific Coast Highway!
That’s what I took from Sunnyvale back home today. Well, not the whole way, but much of the way. I then skivved off it prior to hitting LA, cause traffic would have been a headache. Instead, I took some off the beaten paths and really really enjoyed them! Despite the fact that I spent 12 hours on the road and my neck and lower back muscles are sore, I had a really good time. I found some very picturesque areas (the PCH is full of them, running along the coast) and the not-so-busy highways are a real treat when you’re not rushing. They have hairpin curves, windy roads up gorgeous mountains…it was quite fabulous, really. I found some great campgrounds I want to go camping at now, and a really cute town that reminded me of France and now I want to live there ^^. The place is called Ojai Valley and is only a hop-skip-jump away from Simi Valley, which is where Lorainne grew up. I ended up driving through Simi Valley, but by that time the sun had set and it was dark, so I didn’t see much except that the population is somewhere over 118,000. So it’s decent sized. And I met a couple Canadians!!! There was roadwork that took about 15 minutes, so I wandered up to the front of the line to see what was going on (they were tearing up the road) and the first car in line was from Saskatchewan!! I was so excited, I started talking with them. And that was about it. The guy driving was going to some drama/theatre arts college in West Hollywood, and his dad was helping him move down. Nice people. From Saskatoon. I wished them luck. I should have told them how the banks suck down here. Oh well. I guess that’s part of the luck.

Anyway, here are some more pictures, in no particular order, from my drive down. I’m not putting all of them up, because I’m not sure how daunting it is for you to see a post and think ‘aw crap, why’d she have to put so many?!’

At any rate, here are a few!

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