The Release Day

It seems, I’m afraid, that though I tried so very hard, it took me longer that 9 hours to read the book. It took me 9.5 hours. I started at 12:30am this morning and continuted until 10:00am, when I finished the thickly papered book. I am now working on 2.5 hours of a disrupted nap I took after finishing the book.

I am not quick to make a final judgement on The Half-Blood Prince yet; indeed, I think part of the reason it might have taken so long to read was that I found (and am still finding) it hard to exactly place how all the events that occur in it fit together with the plot as I saw being revealed. A lot of it doesn’t seem to want to be coaxed into the storyline that I thought was happening, and therefore I am reserve about indicating how exactly I take this book. I really want to read the book again quickly, partly so that I can muse over the events more and also so that I can lend it out to other Harry fans who aren’t getting the book, but it seems that with the state my body is in, it will refuse to do so for at least today. It was an exhausting read, especially when one of my strong suspicions was confirmed by the end, as it took a lot out of me to read. Yet it didn’t give me the good satisfactoy feeling that I was expecting…in fact, it feels like this suspicion, though occurring, came about all wrong.

And though perhaps none of you may understand much or any of that last paragraph, it’s more for my own benefit anyways as I try to figure out what’s really going on with this Harry book. I feel in much disarray because of it. Thwarted again, it seems, in so many ways.

However, I’m going to head to a soft mattress and try to catch up on some more sleep, I think.

Happy July 16th, people!

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