Summer Events!

I just thought I’d give a little update on some stuff. Nothing too exciting, really, except this is my life and not yours, and therefore it’s gonna have some sort of exciting dynamic (just like if you all told me what your summer plans were, I’d be like, ‘oh, that sounds really cool. Wish I could do that too’ type thing). Anyway, here they are:

May long weekend: Edmonton/S’toon/Regina! Okay, so not technically summer yet, but it’s still close. One of my good friends, Jacqui, is getting married that weekend, so Andy and I are heading over, then making a quick trip to Regina to hang there (never been before).

July 2-8th: Hoping to go to a week long Catholic service outreach in Tijuana, organised by the Center for Ministry Development, but we’ll see. That’ll be the Independence Day weekend, and teens seem pretty interested in their long weekends (though they have the summer off). I’m trying to convince people now, though.

July 22nd weekend: Piner’s wedding! Woo woo! PG party!

July 28-30: Steubenville San Diego If you want to see the most useless youth conference site ever, check that one out. I’m not impressed with it at all. Though I’ve heard the conference is supposed to be really fun with good vibes n’all that jazz, but honestly, I wanted to just throttle them for not putting up basic information on their website. How thick can they be?

That’s it for me. In other awesomeness news, Pat & Corinne Fletcher had a really cute baby girl, Brigitte, so that’s fabulous!

Um, yeah. That’s it. Lemme know about your exciting lives!

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