So this weekend is absolutely nuts. I’m already dead tired thinking about it!
Friday we have the Gr. 8 retreat (please pray for us!) from about 9am-2pm, in the evening we have the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, where the staff serves, then we have the Boomers Lock-In, from 12:30am-6am, then I can sleep a bit. Sat. evening me and two of the participants for Tijuana are at the mass to hand out envelopes to appeal to the parish to pay for our van for us, which I’ll also do at the masses on Sunday with the rest of the teens (7am, 9am, 11am, 5:30pm). From 3:30-4:30 there’s a teen leadership meeting, and after the 5:30 Sunday mass is the preparation meeting for Tijuana, which goes until 9pm. I’m hurting already.

So…that’s gonna be my weekend, in a nutshell.

And I’m out of creamo, which I apparently forgot prior making coffee this morning. Bah.

It’s weird going from having nearly nothing to do to having a weekend like this. Anyone else have any experiences like this lately?

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