3 days, 5 hours, 26 minutes

I nearly wrote ‘Howler’, though I have no idea why. The ‘w’ just kinda showed up after the ‘o’ and it seemed to proceed from there. Oh well.

I’m nearly in Edmonton! Not that I’m counting the minutes, really. I could be as much as 20 minutes off. I can’t believe how many people commented on my last post. YAY! I’m glad to hear you guys typing happily and submitting on my blog. I love hearing comments from you. -Love- it.

So, what’s been going on? I had my first meeting with teens on Sunday. It wasn’t a youth group or anything, but it was some teens whom I have heard good things about and who I thought would be interested and do well as small group leaders in confirmation next year (along with an adult small group leader as well). The meeting went quite well; it was brief (as I had hoped it would be), just going over what the committment will look like, any questions they or their parents had regarding what it’s about, and brainstorming names of more teens they know who would be interested in doing something like this. It was good. I was quite pleased with their response and interest in doing this. It’ll be a committment of 2 meetings a month: one with their small group and one as a leadership team, and they decided when they would be able to meet for their meeting and what time on their own (yay no imposing!). So that was happy. I also passed out rough drafts of the summer events going on this year. One thing that seemed to really grab their attention was the Boomers Lock-In, which, for those in PG, is kinda like a Bubba Baloo’s, but much better; a lot more activites. It’s from 12:30 – 6am on the 9th of June. Or 10th, I suppose, as it’s after midnight. One way or another, I’m gonna be tired. They pay a flat fee and have access to everything in the park. And this was organised by a couple parishes in our diocese, (minimum 150 people to be able to do this) and the rest of us parishes were invited to participate, so it’ll be only our diocese who has access to the facilities, no other groups will be in there. That’ll be good. Um. Yeah, the meeting was really good. They all seemed to get along well enough, and the peer ministry training that I want them to do will help break down those barriers a bit more.

What else…not much, as far as I can tell. Not with me, anyway. Some of the PG crowd headed to Victoria this past weekend (including my bro), so I hope that went well. I’d love to hear a story or two from any of you who went *hint* *hint*. I know there was something about the brakes utterly failing….?

And secondly, I just wanted to say congrats to Adam for claiming a summer job at Newman Theological College helping Andy in the techie department, doing networking and fixing and upgrading and throwing computers out second story windows ;). Ok, well, maybe not that last one, but I’m sure he’ll want to at least a few times over the course of the summer. So yay! Good luck, dude.

Trav, you said something about pictures and updating…not sure if I’ll be updating while in Edmonton, but if not, I’ll surely do so when I’m back here, and I’ll totally post pictures. And in the meantime, here’s one of a really bad sketch I did on this site called Sketch Swap. Pretty nice time wasting site, actually. Check it out when you can.

Take care, everyone. And you boys who’re in retreat, you’re in my prayers. Hope you enjoy it!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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