Slow in Updating

Yes, it’s been quite some time since the last time I updated. However, this is an update!

Firstly, the Deathly Hallows book ROCKED! It was an amazing book that was everything I hoped it would be. I think it missed a few things (continuity-wise), but I loved it. Anybody else have reactions to it?

Secondly, Andy seemed to realise not long ago that our wedding bands have a Dealthy Hallows-like symbol on the inside of them, which is kind of eerie. He’s now claiming that he has a ring of power, despite my best efforts.

Thirdly, I cut my hair.

Fourthly, I’m going to Souris this weekend (Manitoba) for my grandmother’s funeral, and I’ll be back Tuesday sometime.

Fifthly, I’m taking An Introduction to Philosophy Friday mornings at Newman

Sixthly … well, I don’t know. We like our Wii. Looks like that’s about it. I’ll post a video…on facebook. Apparently it wouldn’t load the video it said it could load within the timespan of 4 hours. *sigh* If you’re on facebook, check it out.

Let me know your Deathly Hallows reactions!!

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