The New Do

2016-04-21 12.10.53 - edit smallerI took Felicity to my hairdresser (New Creations Hair Salon – Tracey does fantastic work!) to fix up what Spencer had done. I appreciate all the lovely comments about how cute it was, but really, it was super uneven and choppy, so I brought her to someone who could blend it together better and at least make her look nice. And so, it’s official, she has short hair now. I’m still sad. But I’ll get over it eventually.

And in other news, it became apparent that Felicity wasn’t the only one with a new look…Spencer had apparently also taken to Cassia and gave her bangs….thankfully they weren’t too short (grace in this mess, I suppose?) and I was able to save them and make it look (relatively) even. And it turns out, Cassia looks super cute with bangs.

2016-04-22 10.25.35 - edit smallerSo they might stay more permanently. We will see. It all depends on my laziness.

We have had a very full week and one of the days I surprised myself by getting a ton done. Including making bread and several appointments that had been put off for months. All while Andy was completely preoccupied with Confirmations, which took place this week.

So, life has been full with a number of recent adventures, and we’re looking forward to this weekend which we’ve planned as our “Family Fun Weekend.” Andy and I have planned the weekend full of activities we love to do as a family. It might mostly include parks (as long as the weather cooperates), but we’re definitely looking forward to this family retreat, and the kids are going to love it too :).

Happy weekending!

2016-04-22 08.18.50 - edit smaller

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