Happiness,  Kids

Happiness is… (vol 7)

2015-05-23 happinessThe older sister helping to play with the younger one. Most of the afternoon was spent with Cassia trying hard to play with Felicity, who was on-and-off wanting someone to play with. Except when she tried to walk on Cassia to get something out of her hand. Cassia didn’t really want to play with her for awhile after that. I was really impressed with how good Cassia is with Felicity, and I’m super thankful for her innate desire to play and help her younger sister (though I’ll vouch that she has her moments of trying to make Felicity’s life for the worse as well).

Today we brought everything up to the deck and rearranged it so that it fits a little pool up top this time. Last year, the way we had arranged everything, there definitely wasn’t room for the pool. I changed that and I like it infinitely better. I expect we will be spending a lot of afternoons up here this year and I’m really looking forward to spending the summer outside with the kids! And perhaps I’ll be making margaritas for the afternoon as well…anyone care to join me? 🙂

What’s your happiness today?

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