The Poop Corner #7×7

Perhaps you’re not familiar with this space. (Maybe you don’t have children yet, or only have 1. It’s okay!) Many families have it, but some people manage to reach above this level of living and make it to ‘clean space,’ and ‘poop gets put where it rightfully belongs,’ and the like. I am not here to tell you that we have made it there. Nope. It might not even be an aspiration at this point.

In all honesty, it’s not quite a corner. It’s the end of a railing. It used to be the top stair. Let’s be clear: the Poop Corner is this space in your house that is dedicated to poopy diapers. Sometimes this includes peed diapers, but definitely the poopy ones. IMG_20140224_210542

As I said, it used to be the top stair. The theory went like this: ‘We have a diaper genie in the kids’ room, let’s leave them on the top stair so that we take them down when we head to the room.’ Nice theory; not what actually happened. They’d collect. Then Cassia realised one day that she could sit at the top of the stairs with her feet hanging out under the gate, while holding onto the gate rails like a prisoner, and kick each and every one of those stinky prizes down the stairs. Like a game. Poop Punting. She loved it. I did not.

Our habit changed, but only slightly. Now we hang a plastic bag over the railing and toss them in there. They are much closer to nose range in their current location. You think that might encourage us more to take them out (we’ve also now moved to just tossing them outside in the garbage bin instead of bringing them downstairs). Well, it would seem that we have these great theories, but they never pan out the way I always hope they will. No, instead we let them continue to mount until I start gagging while I climb that last stair (for whatever reason, they don’t bother me on the way down the stairs – only up. Maybe it’s all my huffing by that point, I don’t know).

The problem is – I don’t know what the solution is. To be honest, a diaper genie isn’t all that great of a solution, because it seems that even when we wash/sanitize the thing, it still smells like poop anyway, just like this bag of poop does. So putting one upstairs isn’t going to make it better. And there’s no crappy way I’m climbing down the stairs every time I have to change a diaper – waaaaaay too much work. I’m already dealing with the poops, right? Enough is enough. Especially with baby crapper #3 on the way. You all know how often that descent would be with a newborn. Yup, so I’m looking for ideas (we have no garage to put the stinker diapers in either), kinda hoping something might come up where we be like ‘wow! that is genius talking over there!’ and things work out crazy awesome.

Until then, if you come visit, mind the top stair. You don’t want to be bumping the bag, if you can help it. And if you find yourself in a similar struggle one day, just know I’m thinking of you. We’re all in the same boat, and it’s good to know that there’s company.

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  • Jenn

    Ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ha – poop punting!?!? BRILLIANT!!!! Don’t see that making it into the Olympics but it sure made me laugh! Thanks 🙂 and I hope you find some resolution before pooper #3 shows up! Obviously I have no pearls of wisdom to share. When are you due again?

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