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Lenten Anticipation

A week and a half until Lent hits us over the head with a fish! Are you ready? I don’t think we ever are. Perhaps that’s part of the experience of it. I’m inclined to blame the season rather than us.

The last two years we have done vegetarian meals during the weeks of Lent. Sundays were reserved for meat meals, and all in all, it sure made Easter week pretty epic when we returned to having meat on the menu. I really loved the dichotomy that it created – anticipation and fulfillment, fasting and feasting, etc. It was really awesome. And I love doing this as a family.

However, this year I feel taut when I think of things vegetarian. What seems to have worked in years previous makes me cringe at the thought of making. The eating part doesn’t bother me so much, it’s the making it that gets me. And I know myself: if I’m dreading making something for supper, I’ll put it off and put it off until it no longer becomes an option to make. That just won’t suffice for Lent (really, it shouldn’t at any time, but I try to be more strict with myself during Lent). So I’m left with trying to create a new plan-of-action for us for meals.

That plan is soup.

I’m experimenting with some soups right now (just ask Andy about the sweet potato and accidentally pureed ham soup, I dare you), but I think 2 or 3 times a week we will be having soup while the other 2 (or 3) days we will remain having vegetarian meals. Saturdays are always leftover days. Not only have I felt more excitement about the soup recipes I’ve looked over, but in doing soups, it pretty much guarantees that Cassia will get some types of vegetables in her. Have I mentioned her ‘I hate vegetables and meat’ phase she’s currently going through? No? It’s a pain in the rear. Though today Spencer managed to convince her to eat a few mushrooms and some red pepper (I’m still in shock). Anyway, I can sneak vegetables into pureed soups easily and so far she hasn’t protested (much).

So, if you have any favourite soup recipes, I’m currently on the look out. With only 2 weeks to go, I need to get my experimenting done soon!

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