It CAN Be Done

This philosophy could apply to many things…Google tells me that the most popular searches for ‘it can be done’ go like this:

it can be done poem

it can be done amigo

it can be done Kevin Blake

None of those are the reasons that I speak about here in this space today. No-sireee. (By the way, the Kevin Blake one is apparently in reference to a book this guy wrote, called It Can Be Done. I was curious, so I clicked it. Something about horse racing.)

2009-pontiac-vibe-awd-i01Not our actual car, but same year and colour. Though this one is much shinier.

3 car seats in a Pontiac Vibe. That’s what I’m talking about. It sure as hell looks like there ain’t no way them large-butted seats might fit into a snug 51″ wide seating area car, but we made it work.

Pontiac-Vibe-2009-21827479Again, not ours. Know how hard it is to find pictures of the back seat fully up?!

I have one word for you: Diono.

diono1Isn’t that a picture of beauty?

Diono has saved us with a guaranteed 17″ wide car seat base, all the way up to the top. We were willing to purchase 3 of them if 1 or 2 didn’t fit with one of the seats we already have, but Diono came through, and we can fit the Diono, a bucket seat, and Spencer’s seat all in the back. Not only are they narrow, but they’re not made with plastic, which is typically the norm for car seats. Plastic only gives a warranty of 5 years. Steel, like the Diono? 10 year warranty. *Poof* just got my business. And not really much more expensive than the plastic, if you can find them on sale.

diono2Did I mention it folds up? This was SUPER AWESOME when we flew to Cincinnati.

So, there you have it. Have a small car? I’ve even heard 3 fit into the back of a Honda Fit (though I haven’t seen pictures). Need 3 car seats? Save yourself the money of upgrading to a van and check these puppies out. Even buying 3 of them would have cost us under $1000. Much nicer price range than a $20-30,000 van (though we did like Toyota’s Sienna, and the new Toyota Highlander [2014] has seats for 7).

By the way, I am not being financially supported by this company at all for going all out awesome on them. It was just really hard to find information about Canadian car seats that would fit 51″, so I’m sharing the news as loud as I can. Know of any other thin car seats (especially made in and for Canada)? Would love to hear about them!

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