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My Month in Pictures

I’ve had a surprisingly reflective month. This last week has been a bit of a trial via many different things just happening all at once, but we are generally doing well. Lots of ‘getting organised’ things going on. Andy and I have started watching Star Trek:  The Next Generation in our evenings. Oh, that second episode is horrible. Good thing it got better quickly. I’ve been occupying myself with little tasks while we are watching (making kanzashi flowers, planting my seeds, etc).

IMG_1624The girl and I watching a little Star Trek IMG_1619Going all ‘Mission Impossible’ on me IMG_1613Zoolander? IMG_1606Her first time getting herself stuck under the couch (at 6 months) IMG_1570Spencer needs to learn how to say the letter ‘L’ … he constantly asks us if we’re going to play this game (sans L) IMG_1581Kanzashi for mama and daughter
IMG_1587Biding his time IMG_1644My smallest kanzashi IMG_1670 IMG_1665My seedlings. Here’s hoping the weather eventually will be favourable to planting! IMG_1645She sneezed. All snot broke loose. IMG_1672Delicious stroganoff. Made from scratch. IMG_1675Amazing Value Village find! IMG_1659She’s starting early, folks. Just like her brother tried to do at this age. IMG_1676Don’t forget to brush your teeth! IMG_1678She sure tries! IMG_1599He sure loves his colouring. Though he is now ‘marker-free’ for awhile, after constantly telling him to stop colouring the floor.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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