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Pinterest Project – Vol 4

So soon?! Yes. Yes, I’m determined to get my sweets somewhere. This time it was a scone recipe that spoke to me. It said, ‘Eat me, Jane. Bake me and eat me.’ I looked at the ingredients and lo! I had everything. Sold. Messy kitchen? You can just get messier cause I’m makin’ me a scone.

Almond Coconut Tea Biscuits


2014-04-15 16.30.29Forgot to take pictures before this point – about to be baked
2014-04-15 16.45.22Fresh out of the oven…maybe a little too brown, but not bad.

These turned out pretty darned good. I love the use of lemon zest; the scent is heavenly, but the taste of it is absolutely mild. I might be inclined to find a way to put in some lemon juice to get a bit more flavour into it, or orange. Citrus appeals, apparently. Despite using a tablespoon of agave syrup, there is hardly any sweetness in these puppies, which is disappointing (given my sweet tooth right now).

However, the taste is great, they don’t crumble out of your hands when they are picked up; putting butter on them (as expected) is a little tricky, but it works out all right, and tastes great. Some clotted cream would be even better, if I don’t mind myself saying. Oooh, that is soooo going on my Easter-eats list.

2014-04-15 16.56.31avec beurre
2014-04-15 17.31.13Apparently I couldn’t get an individual shot without a bite taken out of it. Sorry.

I think when I try this recipe again (and I will, cause texture is awesome, it’s easy to make, and tastes rather good), I’ll try to use a stevia sweetener instead of the agave and add in a couple tablespoons of chocolate chips (and eliminate the lemon zest). I just gotta get myself something a little sweeter, I think. The stevia will give me room to use chocolate in the carb department.

These little morsels come in at 5.5g carbs per scone (or tea biscuit, whichever you choose to call them), which means yummy for mummy!

Pinterest for the win!

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