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It’s already mid-way through July! Two and a half months until my due date. I had a prenatal appointment earlier this week and the resident doctor revealed I’m at 29 weeks – I felt a bit caught off guard…what happened to the weeks counting that I did with Spencer? and knowing exactly what was developing when? A very common occurrence, I believe, but still a bit shocking. Seven weeks until the babe is considered full-term.

That this baby is coming is starting to sink in a bit more right now; movements are well felt, and can be well seen during extremely active times (read: while eating two snack containers of raspberry-pomegranate jello). I’m definitely sensing a much different personality than that of Spencer.

We recently went on our vacation – took close to a week camping in the Okanagan, then another four days in Vancouver for the brilliant occasion of my uncle’s wedding. During the reception, while dancing in an active way (it -was- a good party, after all), this child most definitely stomped or punched my bladder in a way that actually hurt, as if to say, ‘enough of this!’ Most kicks and nudges from this babe do not hurt, so it came as a surprise. Had this child been Spencer, there would have been another party going on in my womb, dancing along with every possible note. No angry stomps. So, I’m quite curious to see how this child’s personality will continue to emerge. I love having known Spencer pre-birth; I love knowing that he loved parties, loud music, and generally having a great time when there was a crowd around. What was true in utero has been true neo-natal. It’s such a gift to be able to know this child to some degree before officially meeting him/her.

I am meeting with another doula next week, and I’m looking forward to it. I met with one a couple months ago, she encouraged me to at least meet with one other before choosing, so here I am. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous this time around not having a midwife. There is just absolutely no comparison in terms of access and support both before and after having a babe. I’m hoping that a doula will help relieve some of that stress, and especially be a familiar face and aware of my values and what I am hoping for out of this experience with my baby.

And I do believe this post has run on long enough today :). As soon as I find our camera, I’ll be posting some pictures of our vacation. Hope you’re enjoying your summer so far!

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