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Monday Blues


Taken yesterday. This was clear last week. We used the BBQ.

The fact is that I could call it March and April blues too. I am, like so many of my other Canadian citizens, sick of winter. Yes, it should rightly be finished by now, yet we are still getting snow (it is snowing as I type this). Andy’s mom recently commented, ‘Well, we usually joke that it’s winter 6 months of the year, but it’s nearly true this year.’ We have had snow since before Hallowe’en. That is over 5 months. Enough is enough. It also means our growing season will be much, much shorter.

I am combating the blues with plans for a trip somewhere warm. Thankfully, the countdown is officially on! In 3 weeks 2 days, the kids and myself will be heading on a 3 week trip to Vancouver to visit with my mom and other family. It does make the whole ‘starting a garden’ thing a bit of a muddle, but it can’t be helped. I need to get away, and that is precisely Andy’s busiest season at work, so we have worked out that it would be in all our best interest if I go on a trip somewhere with the kids. And what an adventure it will be – I’m not sure how I’ll do with two kids in tow, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve managed to make all of our driving to be only 6 hours max per day, so that will help too. I’m very excited, and really, it’s all that’s getting me through this horribly long winter this year.

IMG_1452In other news, we bought a car. A nice, spiffy 2009 Pontiac Vibe. Works exactly as well as we anticipated and is lovely to drive. Can’t wait to take it across these 3 provinces.

IMG_1455See mum, everything does fit.

There’s a lot more news, but I’m planning an Easter post for tomorrow, so I’ll save it for then. Anyone else hit with some Monday blues?

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