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7 Quick Takes Friday


I am in the advent of the birth of this child. It’s funny how this child is giving me a great lesson in waiting. It’s useless to sit on the couch and just wait for this child to come; it would drive me crazy and does not help the situation. Rather, being proactive at this stage is what is best use of my time, using it to help prepare my body, help prepare our household, making sure that we are still eating well, praying for this babe…all these are proactive ways to use this time of waiting. How true this is is the Advent of Christmas too!


So one thing that’s occurred to me this week: Mary gave birth without a hospital, without a midwife, without support of anyone except Joseph, who was probably not much in the picture for the actual birth given the religious uncleanness the process was considered at that time. Gives a whole new perspective on the strength of Mary. I can’t imagine doing this alone.


So, it turns out this isn’t a Francis baby. But I’m okay with that. I still think that Francis is playing a role in this child’s life.


Spencer is reveling in his ‘two’ stage. There is a lot of ‘I DO IT!’ going around this house.


It is currently -5 outside. I’m cold just thinking about it. Winter is definitely on it’s way.


I’m feeling a little wary about what I’m eating today, knowing that possibly today I’ll be seeing it again if I get to the transition stage of labour. And yet I’m hungry.


Well, I’m getting light contractions randomly this morning, which is more than what I was feeling yesterday. I’m hopeful today or tomorrow we’ll be welcoming this baby into a new stage of life. Thank you all who have been praying for us!! We definitely appreciate the prayers and support you’ve been showing! Will keep you updated if our little child arrives this weekend 🙂

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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