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Exclusive Photos!

Only here can you find the amazing pictures of our amazing trip! No one else can offer you this amazing deal, so enjoy! Half today, the other half tomorrow (hopefully)!

In Jasper, getting ready for bedtime.

Heading up to the Jasper Tram, which we didn’t go on due to clouds and coldness (but beautiful area).

Looking at west of Jasper area and two handsome boys

Of course, the big excitement is truly about the construction vehicles…

In Jasper at the train station. Quite thrilled there were trains.

Our treat after swimming in the Miette Hot Springs. The day was gloomy and cold, so the hot springs with ice cream to finish was perfect to warm our spirits up!

Cool ridge formation we stopped to see on way out from Miette Hot Springs.

And we saw Elk.

Mount Robson, feigning Mount Olympus, as we passed down on our way to Vernon area.

Much of our trip included this.

Have you any fun summer photos?

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