Saturday Garden Journal

Happy Easter! Alleluia!

I haven’t been as on-the-ball about taking photos as I’ve wanted to be. I captured a few this week, but not as many as I was hoping to.

My garden is doing mostly well. There are a number of seeds that decided they didn’t want to sprout at all; the lavender and the strawberries have indeed been the most fickle out of all of them, but they are finally sprouting, even if they are few. I’m not as lucky as Ginny, who hosts the Garden Journal, to have my strawberry patch blooming already (oh, what joy that would be to see at this time of year! Something about living north on the 52nd latitude…), but my sweet peas and my sunflowers are providing great joy at watching them grow so quickly!

(My Sunflowers and Sweet Peas)

I transplanted a number of my plants this week, and to my sadness, also thinned out my tomatoes. I really didn’t expect so many to grow, so I really had more than what I was expecting to begin with, but it feels so wrong to throw out perfectly good seedlings. Well, I didn’t throw them out, I gave them to my friend Kate. At least they’re going to someone who’s likely to make them grow.The Sunflowers and Sweet Peas thrived in going into a bigger pot; within 2 days they had doubled in size. They’ve been my comfort plants, I seem to be able to rely on them to give me a good show.

The greens onions I transplanted don’t seem to be doing as well as I’d hoped. Perhaps they’re one of those plants that doesn’t like transplanting.

(green onions beside the sweet peas and sunflowers)

The tomatoes were, for the most part, thinned to two seedlings per container; they’re still mostly in the small containers I started with. I moved about 10 of the Romas into their own pot though.

(transplanted Roma tomatoes)
(thinned out tomatoes)
(I haven’t worked on these tomatoes yet)

Since a number of the seeds didn’t grow, I emptied their pods and replanted the thinned tomatoes in most of them. I still have a number of them to empty still. Perhaps once I’m done transplanting these to bigger pots I’ll start planting more seeds…maybe more sweet peas…they’re just so darned sweet!

We’ve been enjoying my mom visiting with us this week. Tomorrow afternoon she heads back to her home, but today we have our last celebration together with homemade pasta and then finishing off with watching the latest X-Men. I’m looking forward to our amazing evening!

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  • Emily {The Country Mumkin}

    Hi Jane ~ I’ve just popped by via Ginny ~ thank you for sharing your week! I know just what you mean about tomatoes! We have a polytunnel so I am able to grow quite a few, but I always sow too many however hard I try! Your sweet peas are looking great ~ sowing sweet peas has been on my todo list for the past month…..this week I really will do it. Happy Gardening.
    Best wishes Emily {The Country Mumkin}

  • Deanna

    Hi Jane, nice to meet you here in blog land! The seedling sprouts look so nice. I hope to keep up to watch how they grow. … I NEVER was able to get lavendar to sprout from from seed, so I gave in and bought a couple small plants and they have flourished beautiful in the flower beds. They smell good too.

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