The Garden

Let’s be clear. This is not the Garden of Eden. That would be…wait for it…HEAVENLY! Yes, I’m a dork and I think I’m hilarious. So let’s move on.

It is a garden that has never been started so early in the year, though. Which is exciting in many respects. At the rate of our weather I am looking to be planting outside a full month and a half earlier than last year! In our climate this is beyond crazy, I tell you. Planting in mid-April?! Yes, dear friends, this year is the year, it would seem.

Unfortunately, we will likely be gone for most of August so anything that takes lots of watering and/or harvesting during that month is not on the menu this year (read: beloved tomatoes & basil). Go figure.

However, this is a list of the items we are pre-germinating this year: 2015-03-28 21.30.59

Just some of the joys to come, barring my non-green thumb. Happy spring!

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