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I have started reading the classic Dracula. I think I started it at the worst time of the day – evening. Not even early evening, but late (as in 10pm). The first portion of the book is a journal entry of a poor man who finds himself entangled in Dracula’s web. It’s rather creepy. Thankfully it has now moved on to a scene in England, where there are more people. It’s funny how when a main character is surrounded by people, even in a story, it seems to bring more relief to the reader even when they’re in danger than when the main character is locked away lonesome, in terror, and awaiting the inevitable.Have any of you read Dracula?

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Spud these days.

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Has this ever happened to you with a frozen pizza? Most bizarre…

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He has taken to moving his chair by himself all the way up to the ‘better view,’ as I’m sure he’d call it if he could. We’ve now unplugged the TV, as he usually turns it on when he thinks it’s time for ‘t-d! t-d!’ (which used to be called ‘d-d! d-d!’)

Here’s a teaser for my Project Tuesday post. Any guesses as to what’s brewing?
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Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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  • Sherry

    I love the book Dracula!! It’s so good (and creepy)! Bram Stoker was a very talented man. I am guessing your project is an ironing board cover.

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