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Constant Craving

Something hit me hard over the weekend. Major, major craving. But it’s not what you might think it is; nothing specific, but just this: food. I cannot believe how hungry I’ve become! Holy carps!

I don’t know when it started when I had Spencer, but I do remember getting this burning feeling at the back of my throat, kind of like it’s starting on fire, whenever I got hungry. It would seem that this is a consistent trend at some point in my pregnancies. I sit here now stuffing my face with strawberries, bananas, yogurt and honey, as I couldn’t even finish this post without satisfying this hunger.

Just ask Andy – he’ll tell you that my appetite has increased to double what it was last week and beyond. Friday night at our youth event, I ate 4 pieces of pizza. I mean, I was full after them, but I can usually hardly eat 2. I guess this baby is on a growing kick…we shall see if it continues or lessens off for awhile..

So now my problem is this: trying to find healthy food to stuff my face with rather than all the carbs we have lying around the house. My craving for food isn’t usually limited to a specific type of food, I’m just looking for something to fill my belly. Though I’ll be honest, red peppers are really not appealing still (even though I’m not nauseous anymore), and we’re on a tight budget right now, as we’re trying to a) save for a good down payment on a house and b) for my mat leave.

So, any good suggestions out there for quick, healthy, less-carb snack foods?

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