Summer living

As we speak, my brother and his friend are packing up the second car with all my junk. Fingers crossed that it all fits. I get a sneaky feeling it’s either gonna be really tight or I’m gonna have to come back at some point over the summer to pick the rest up. We’ll see how it flies after tonight. I don’t know why we didn’t think of getting a u-haul – I think it would have saved a lot of hassel.

okay, so it’s looking like I’ll be making a trip back here at some point within the next month or so. How about that. That’s a little anti-climatic. Anyways…

So that’s about all the news going on here; I haven’t my nice speakers up anymore, I have no light in my room (it’s getting dark, and pretty soon, the light of my laptop will be all that’s left), and everything echoes. It’s just odd.

That’s it, mostly. I just have to pack up the rest of the little things, then find a corner to open my sleeping bag, then finish off the night by watching the rest of my Stargate series…5 episodes tonight…I -think- I can do this. Well, I sure hope I do at any rate. Ah, the list keeps having things added to it.

Take care, and next time I’ll write, I’ll be snug in the foothills of Prince George. Peace, all.


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