It’s the End of the Year As We Know It!

Another whole year has passed by; what craziness!

The two biggest and most exciting events that happened to us this year were moving to Ottawa because Andy got a good job, and me becoming pregnant. Secondary to those two is that I’ve started my Master’s degree, and will have 5 courses finished (mostly) out of 8 courses needed by the time the baby is born. Yay! This has been such a blessed year for us, and we are so thankful that we’ve been able to share it with a lot of wonderful people.

We’re super excited for this next year too, what with a little boy making his way into our lives. We’re looking forward to meeting him and learning a lot from him. We’re hoping for a possible trip out west in the summer, but we haven’t any set plans yet. One way or another, we’re looking forward to another year full of adventures.

We are also excited to have had some wonderful gifts over Christmas to help us make a purchase of a freezer chest! We’ll be getting it delivered in the second week of January, and are thoroughly excited. We’ll be able to pre-make a lot of our dinners for after the baby is born, and I’ll also have more room to store my homemade stocks, which will help me to be able to make soups easier rather than relying on having to make stock every time I want to make a soup. I can make larger batches and freeze it, which is great news! Yay! I think next year on our list as a major gift will be a dishwasher 🙂

I think that brings everyone up to date; I’ll hopefully post some pictures this week of our Christmas. I also have an ultrasound appointment on the afternoon of January 7th, so hopefully we’ll be able to get another picture of our baby up here once Andy can scan it at work. We’re very excited to see him again. I’m also hoping that it will reveal that my placenta has moved from covering my cervix. Please say a prayer that it has, as I really do not look forward to the prospect of a C-Section because of it. The thought really kind of scares me.

Hope everyone is well, and we’d love to hear from you! Seriously, a comment would be much appreciated :-). Happy New Year everyone!

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