Weekend of FUN!

Hola hola!
So, this will be our first relaxed weekend here in Ottawa, and it so happens that the big winter festival, Winterlude, starts today as well! So we’re taking it upon ourselves to explore this festival and perhaps experience some of the tasty food that’s also being offered (beaver tails, anyone?).
Colin James is performing tonight, but I don’t know if we’ll be able to make it to that. What with the whole no buses running thing, I doubt we’ll get a parking spot anywhere close to downtown.
I’m very excited to take lots of pictures and post them for everyone. Andy still has to figure out how to get video up on the site.
That’s about it – Andy seems to have had a really good week, so things are going well there. I think my body is trying to come down with a cold or something, so today I’m resting. However, the last few days I have been busy.
I’ve taken up yoga – an absolute beginners class. It’s Tuesday nights, but once I become more familiar with the motions, I should be able to do it here as well. Yesterday I took the car and ventured to St. Laurent Centre, which is about as big as Kingsway in Edmonton. There’s a Reitmans there that I’m looking to be transferred to. I have an appointment to chat with the manager on Saturday about details from that. I also went to a new chiropractor – he graduated in the same class as my previous chiropractor, and is a really nice guy. So, my back seems to be in better order now that I’ve had it adjusted.
That’s about all the news that I can come up with at this point in time. I’ll keep you all updated! Thanks for reading 🙂

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