Planning for a marriage

Happy New Year, people!
I hope you had a fabulous eve & day!!!
At my uncle’s in Langley right now, arrived yesterday, and Andy and Adam left today in the early afternoon from Abbotsford. My plane leaves tomorrow from Vancouver at 8am (ouch!), and I’ll be in Palm Springs about 1:30-ish. Blah. Don’t want to go to work again. Oh well. 6 months, baby! Then I’ll have some permanent company!

And speaking of which, I have a wedding dress now. If you haven’t yet had a chance to glance at the pictures, I’ve uploaded the ones I like of me in the dress. It’s actually the wrong size and not the colour I’m getting, but it’s the style of the dress. You probably won’t notice much difference anyway.

We were up in Prince George for a couple days, and Andy and I frantically spent both days doing planning – I am sorry if I wasn’t able to see you – we really needed to try to figure stuff out, as I am nearly certain I won’t be back before the wedding, which is really tough. We were able to look at florists, though, and we found that Costco does bouquets andboutonniere’s cheap, and fortunately also in the colour we’re looking for! Yay ! and there’s a florist, at least in College Heights, that we might
consider to do some arrangements for the reception. Sadly, we can’t confirm a reception site yet, as everything was closed or the people we needed to talk with weren’t available while we were there. My mom’s going to work on that when she gets back. Andy and I were also nearly able to finish our marriage prep that we’d been working on, which is a little disappointing that we weren’t able to finish it, but we were able to do a lot of the last section together, which was a really nice change. Really really nice, as the rest of it has been done viawebcams and skype . We’re hoping to be able to attend an engaged encounter when he comes down to San Clemente in February, but we’ll have to see – he needs to be able to take the extra day off because it’s a full weekend (until Sunday evening), which means he’d fly out on a Monday.Aaand we’re both really looking forward to being able to start life together as a married couple – having to part often for long periods of time has not been easy. It will be very nice when we don’t have to do that anymore.Oooooh!!! And we have our wedding rings! You can view them eventually at Hubbell Goldsmith‘s site by looking up “Faith in Love”, but from the looks of it, it’s not up yet. You’ll have to check back. Anyway, I’m chatting with Andy now, so I’m taking off for now. Have to repack, too. blah. Happy New Year!


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