It’s Official! We Have a Wii!

Andy and I have just gotten a Wii from Darryl for our wedding present!! Now, I’m not sure who else is contributing to the gift, but I AM SO EXCITED!
And it’s a kind of pre-wedding wedding gift, cause the boys are using it tomorrow for Andy’s bachelor party. Apparently Darryl’s been thinking about buying us one for the gift for awhile, but here in Edmonton, they’ve been on back order for quite some time and the wait to get one is months. Crrrrrrrazy! But then he found one at Walmart. And, for just this once, I am putting aside my ‘I hate Walmart’ rant so that I can enjoy the Wii.
I’m so pumped! This is very exciting. Do you realise they have Harry Potter games for the Wii??? Yes, people, yes. My life is nearly complete. 😉
Anyway, I just had to share my excitement. Woot woot!

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