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Beatboxing the Marriage Tune


We were married in the morning on the 30th of June, 2007. Nearly eight years we have been on this married journey and boy, have we had a lot to learn. I expect there is much, much more to learn as we continue this joyful journey.

Over the last several months, Andy and I have noticed a particular skill that either of us could only have developed over time with the other: a natural tuning into the beatbox.

weddingparkI’m sure it started slowly, over the course of time, learning new and old songs together, finding rhythms, beats, and harmonies. And now, almost embarrassingly, as soon as the other starts a song (any song, even a silly one), the other almost always tunes in the beatbox for backup. It’s gotten to the point where Andy might start a song and I will, unthinkingly, chime in a part (whatever I determine it might be this time around) only to realise horrified that it’s the song that I’ve been trying to get out of my head all day (hello Diego Rescue Pack song). Without thought to what I do, I automatically start the backup to whatever Andy’s singing. And it’s vise versa.

We don’t know when it started – it could have been years ago. It’s just slowly dawned on us these last couple of months that we have this strange power between us that almost feels magical in the way it works. I could look at it and theorize and reduce it to harmless human contact, but the bewilderment and joy it brings us, sometimes at the same time, is what gives it such meaning for us. It’s fun. It’s quirky. It can hold a power over the other. But it brings much joy (and far less sorrow – I’m looking at you, Paw Patrol). weddingpark2

These descriptions are really micro descriptions of our macro experience of our marriage. And it’s a joy to look back over our experiences and see what new things are happening and the beauty of the love that we’ve lived out and created since that first day we said a definitive ‘YES!’ to each other. I never knew there’d be beatboxing and backup singing in marriage. But I’m very happy it’s there, and knowing that there’s more of this to come, these sneaky cool things that happen when you can form a loving and long-lasting relationship with another, I’m expecting to reap more awesomeness from our relationship as we continue to journey for years to come.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some Muppets to sing about while Andy’s around…

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