It was found, but not lost

Nothing like an extremely long break from blogging, is there? This was, in fact, due to the part of my password being forgotten. For the longest time, I just couldn’t be bothered to go through the process to make a new one. But I did today, and now I’m blogging again.
So, stuff happened. But before I get into that, don’t forget to go and try the new tasty Triscuit crackers out: Rosemary and Olive Oil, and Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil (thanks Carol >:| ). Andy and I are now addicted, and the best way to feel better about this addiction is to get others addicted too :-D.
Yes, stuff has happened. Significantly, Andy convocated. Insignificantly, my feet hurt a lot. Significantly, Andy won the Joseph N. MacNeil Award, which is the only award given at convocation, for a number of great reasons. But I can’t remember them, so ask Andy on his website (andyland.ca) if you want to know. Insignificantly, it’s cold outside and I want another jacket. Significantly, I started work at Reitman’s clothes store, and I get a 50% discount for myself on regular priced items. Insignificantly, the Fall Sale on all fall items at Reitmans actually makes our discount useless on them, as they’re marked at 70% off and are thus cheaper. Significantly, we might not have water this weekend because the sewer line is clogged somewhere and they might have to dig to find where the problem is and what it is (GRRRRRR!!!!). Insignificantly, we’ll get to go dancing tonight instead of having supper with Don & Dave, which is unfortunate. We were really really looking forward to having supper with them. Significantly, my brother Adam moved back to Prince George to be with is fiancee Myrica. Insignificantly, the internet wasn’t working today while I was in class. Significantly, Andy and I are attempting small renovations to our suit to make it more efficient space-wise in the kitchen. Insignificantly, my feet are still hurting a lot.
That’s basically a simple update on what’s going on for us right now. With me working at Reitman’s, we’re not sure if I’ll have time off for Christmas, which is a massive disappointment. I’ll have Christmas off for sure, the date in doubt is Christmas Eve. We are all required to work on Boxing Day. If I don’t get Christmas Eve off, Andy and I won’t be able to go to Regina for Christmas, which feels terrible. I’ve also found that it is really not very challenging to work there, which is nice. I don’t have to think too much and I don’t carry a lot of responsibility. A nice change from SoCal.
Ooh, also significant: Andy, Darryl and I are planning to go to California for 3 weeks this coming summer. We’re gonna drive and tour on the way. I’m so so so excited for it. We’re doing some loose plans right now, and we’re hoping to be able to take advantage of the CAN $ being so high right now. We just need to save some money so that we can book things.
yup, that’s about it with me right now. If you have any good updates yourself, be sure to make a comment!

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