A Year in Review

Well, tomorrow I start my trek on the 27th year of my life. This last year has been busy with many different things happening. I moved back to Canada just prior my birthday last year, had a trip to Victoria for an extended period of time, made trips across Western Canada, but most significantly of all, Andy and I expressed our love to each other publically and committed ourselves to each other for our lives. And since last June, we’ve been working that out in our everyday lives and thoroughly enjoying being with each other. So tomorrow we will celebrate (with a large plate of pasta from the Olive Garden) getting through the many events of my 26th year and look forward to the coming events of my 27th, which already will include my brother’s wedding, a long trip to California, and possibly a new job?? Lots yet to unfold!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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