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Spencer’s Adventure

Last week Spencer went on a huge adventure, all without his immediate family. He and my mum flew several kilometres away from our Autumn-Turning-Winter climate to the warm southern breezes of southern California for a journey that a 5-year-old *should* remember for life: Disneyland.

He sure doesn't look impressed with Mickey, eh?
He sure doesn’t look impressed with Mickey, eh?

From my interpretation of the stories he told me…

  • He was most impressed with the size of his bed and that he needed a chair to climb onto it
  • He loves Star Tours
  • He loves roller coasters
  • He liked running around with the kids on the Island area of Disneyland, until he got lost (which he handled like a pro, thankfully)
  • It was really hot and they walked too much
  • He really wants to go back someday. Probably with Cassia.

We are very grateful and thankful he had such a great opportunity to travel with his Nana and have a wonderful adventure, even if it was 37 degrees Celsius for two of the 3 days they were there. We both enjoyed his temporary absence and missed him at the same time. He has such great stories that we can mostly interpret, and I’m glad he enjoyed himself so much and added a wonderful experience to his repertoire of travel.

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