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Onto a New Phase

Tomorrow, Thursday, will be my last day of work at Reitmans. I have been with the company for four and a half years, which is my longest yet with one job. I am sorry to leave this particular store, as my manager has been really supportive, encouraging and affirming. It has been an enjoyable experience here.

The reason for my resignation is to look for work in the west. We are hoping that things work out for jobs in Saskatoon, which would mean part-time employment for me in my field (which would be really nice to get back into). I have also been struggling to manage my time between making supper (and eating it), watching Spence, and getting ready for work on those evenings (I do envy those mothers who make it looks so easy!), which has been very stressful.

Having the Tuesday and Thursday evenings free now, I will be heading out of the house to work on my assignments for my youth ministry certificate program. It has been very hard finding time to do the reading for the course and do the assignments, and this is a big priority for me right now (especially since I have only one session left!). I am looking forward to having some dedicated time for it!

Spencer seems to have developed some weird rash type thing under his left eye. I’m not too sure what it is, it started with what looked like a white little zit, but the past couple of days it flared up, and it keeps looking worse in the mornings and fading through the rest of the day. So we’re off to the clinic this afternoon to get it checked out. He isn’t indicating pain or anything in the area, so hopefully it isn’t much of anything.

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Happily making a mess

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Close up of the eye in the evening (the redness is down as it’s the evening)


Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


  • Josee

    Hmmm… maybe an angioma? Monkey got one right under the eye like that when he was about 20 months. Does it bleed a lot if it gets scraped? If that is what it is it may gets worse for a while but it does eventually go away. Then again it could be something totally different 🙂

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