Happiness is… (vol 4)

2015.05.16 stainingMy husband hard at work. Also me, to be honest. We started the process of staining the deck yesterday (washing the thing clean…took a lot longer than hoped) and today we got the 1st coat on all the railings. I’m super thankful we are having great weather to do this on the long weekend – it’s been a blessing to not have to postpone due to rain (or snow – let’s be honest here). Tomorrow we’ll attempt a 1st coat on the main deck and stairs and proceed with the 2nd coat on the railings. If we’re super lucky, we might even get it all done tomorrow (but I don’t know if I’m that hopeful).

And in other news, Cassia is banished to only play in the backyard after a neighbour called out to us as we were staining, ‘Is that one of yours down there?’ And lo – Cassia was a block away and roaming freely (having crossed a street to get there…thankfully there aren’t many cars on our road). So after mild panic attacks regarding all the ‘could-have’s that every parent imagines for a long time after, we decided that she really doesn’t know how to control herself and has to be relegated to the back yard for her safety. Oi vay. Thank goodness for good neighbours.

And that, friends, is how most of our long weekend will be going 🙂 What’s your happiness today?


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  • hawaii52

    Ah, Cassia has itchy feet and could be showing a desire to see beyond the horizon! Totally typical and normal perhaps with a wee bit of risk taking, curiosity and a don’t worry he happy attitude. Unless you hecme like children you won’t get in , comes to mind,lol. Happy that Cassia is safe. 🙂

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