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Answer Me This & What I Wore Sunday #WIWS

Answer Me This summer1. What’s currently on your To Do list?

Crazy question. Doesn’t seem all that crazy to you? Well, that’s good. Go with that. I am currently testing out Basecamp for managing life. Cause I’m praying desperately to God for help in managing life. It feels quite hectic and To Do lists exist in too many places and too often get lost. Or eaten (hello Felicity).

Currently on my “testing this program out” to do list:

  • call Konrad and cancel Tuesday

  • clean out car

  • finish felt book

  • make kids’ baggies for trip

Doesn’t seem like a lot yet. But those were the ones that just occurred to me last night when I was near the computer. Basecamp has a way of using their app on the phone to add to to do lists, and also via email or voice. I’m hoping for voice cause that would help make it a lot quicker. I’m definitely planning on using it for homeschooling (it’s free for teachers and homeschoolers), but I’m not sure if it would generally just work well for helping manage life currently.

2. Better type of superhero: magic/radioactive powers? Or trauma/gadgets/hard work?

I’d go for magic. I don’t exactly know what this question is based from, but if I’m choosing superhero, which seems supernatural anyway, I’d say magic/radioactive. No Tony Starks here. All Thor.


3. Finding out if baby is a boy or a girl before birth: Good idea? Bad idea?

We’ve done both, and I prefer the surprise. Unless there seems to be some good reason for finding out, I’ve really enjoyed the surprise with Felicity and Cassia.

Speaking of surprises, have you seen the video of the woman who gave birth to the 10 lbs baby in her car in 4 minutes? Oh my good graciousness, I was simultaneously overjoyed, shocked, amazed and scared all at once for her! Holy moly!

Read the story & watch the video here.

4. Have you ever appeared on a stadium jumbotron?

Is it sad to say that I’ve not been in a stadium since they’ve invented the jumbotron? Or maybe the stadiums that I’ve been to just don’t have them. Whichever it is, the answer remains NO. I can’t image any desire to try to be in one either.

5. Are you more book smart or more street smart?

Book. Definitely book. I’d love to go back to school just to get into deep books again. Well, I love the IDEA of going back to school. I’m sure I’d be stressed out of my mind and freak out at my family every day if I did, but, you know, I can romanticize it all I want right now.

Convocation - with Joann Badley and Dave Norman (2005-10-15)

This truly happened. Convocation. Some favourite professors.

6. Have you had that baby yet? (Feel free to skip this one if it’s not applicable to you.)

Not applicable. Though my kids have asked if I have another baby in me. *sigh*

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whatiworeAnd here we are, on a beautiful Sunday!

2015-07-19 wiws 2On me: dress – Old Navy
Sweater – Reitmans
Spencer: Shirt – Once Upon a Child (brand: George)
Shorts – Hand me down (brand: Disney)
Cassia: Dress – Once Upon a Child (brand: Joe Fresh)
Felicity: Dress – Once Upon a Child (brand: George)

2015-07-19 wiws

Closer up of the jewelry:
Necklace – stone cut and polished by my grandad, set by my mom
Brooch – my grandma’s, made by my grandad
Earrings – Reitmans
2015-07-19 wiws 3And my shoes, which I didn’t get in the better pictures.
From Payless Shoes (brand: American Eagle)

These are the same ones I wore at my wedding:

weddingceremonySo that be us today! Hope you have a great Sunday!

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