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Answer Me This & What I Wore Sunday #wiws

Answer Me This summer1. How long have you lived in your current home?

We have lived here 3 years and have nearly loved every minute of it. So much better than the renting we were doing and I love having the freedom to renovate as we see fit (though I don’t love the actual renovation work). And we happened into a really great neighbourhood that has kids similar age to mine (which totally rocks).

2015.06.26 happiness A recent change in our landscape…
2014-07-09 11.25.44What we built last summer.
What we built the summer before.

2. How do you find out about news and current events?

Online – BBC news and CBC news. I almost never pick up a physical paper to read anymore. Apart from that I can usually see trends through Facebook and Twitter that let me know if I’ve missed something. I receive Zenit by email, which is a news agency that reports on all things internationally Catholic. As they say in their description,

The coverage we offer focuses above all on:

  1. The Pope’s activities: apostolic trips, documents, meetings with state officials, and leading personalities from the realms of society, culture and religion. Our reports focus especially on the Holy Father’s activities and addresses. His words stimulate reflection for all peoples, not only Catholics.

  2. Interviews with men and women of the Church, as well as politicians and cultural leaders, on themes of interest.

  3. International current events, with special attention to issues relevant to human rights, peace and development around the world.

There you have it. All my news sources. All of it is digital now.

3. Would you be able to make change for a twenty right now? For a dollar?

Certainly. I have change that I keep around for my business, Mama Knows Best Natural Products, so I don’t usually not have change at home. If I was out and about, I would not be able to make change though. I hardly ever carry cash.

4. What’s the craziest food you’ve ever eaten?

I don’t usually go all crazy. I guess for me the craziest might have been fish tacos when I lived in San Clemente. I have to say, I’m not really a fan. And if we’re honest, it’s not all that crazy either. The strangest thing I’ve eaten was when I was in Paris: an artichoke. Like, the plant. Not what one buys in jars at the store. Can’t say I enjoyed it all that much, but it was definitely an experience of French cuisine.

 2015-03-16 11.24.20 1.2Fish in San Clemente. But not fish tacos. This dish is just the fish. And fries. Delicious.

5. Which of the commonly removed parts have you had removed? (tonsils, wisdom teeth, appendix, etc.)

Appendix is gone. Sometime in mid-high school. I remember agonizing pain, my mum not really wanting to deal with me being sick (and it presents like the flu, right?), eventually going to the emergency where it felt like they were taking forever to come to any conclusions because they weren’t certain if it was just pre-menstrual pain (which I remember telling them that I never really have) and they couldn’t commit to a decision for a long time. Turns out that the appendix nearly ruptured in that time frame. Shame on them for not believing a 15 year old might be truthful about her bodily experiences.

At any rate, I healed well and apparently a few days (or a week?) afterwards I was out playing soccer again. So, no long-term harm done.

And wisdom teeth are gone. I had a horrible surgeon and was teething pieces of crushed teeth for about a year afterwards. I can totally understand babies’ problems when they teethe. And I have to say, rice was a problem to eat for months afterwards. I’m so glad that never has to happen again. Blah.

6. What’s your favorite sport to watch on TV?

Soccer. Hands down. But I hardly ever feel I have time to even watch World Cups anymore. I feel like I’m copping-out of my favourite sport by not watching, but it’s so hard with the kids around all the time; who’d’ve thought that nothing ever gets done?

I will watch hockey socially. If you invite me (and consequently my children) to watch a game, I’d likely take you up on that. Probably has something to do with the fact that I’m Canadian.

For more answer to this week’s questions, check out Kendra’s site Catholic All Year.

whatiworeAnd now, for the ever-inspiring, but ever renewed look of one of my more favourite dresses:

2015.06.28 wiwsOne me: dress – Thyme Maternity. It’s a nursing dress, but it’s so light and comfortable that I couldn’t put it away in the box with all the other nursing clothes. That’s my excuse. It’s just so comfortable.
Shoes – Payless Shoes; brand – Predictions (Comfort Plus). And I just have to say, these are the most comfortable pair of heels I have ever owned in my life. I love them to pieces.
Necklace – Reitmans.
The kids – everything is either a hand-me-down or from Once Upon a Child. I’ve given up trying to remember which is from what; it’s been too long for most of them for me to remember properly.

For some perhaps better-inspired clothes, head to Fine Linen and Purple to see what others are wearing this weekend!

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