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We just finished taking part of One Rock – this year themed World Youth Day at home for the Albertan diocese. As you may know, Audrey Assad was the musical artist who headlined the weekend (she is, I believe, my favorite artist) and she played and sang amazing, despite having a disturbing time leading up to her performance (apparently her hotel room was broken into) and somehow it was choreographed that she would leave stage without people being able to show their appreciation (take note Saskatoon- this is unacceptable and rude and I will be embarrassed to be Canadian if it happens again).

Mrs. Assad was very gracious to me when I found her before she could leave to thank her and manage a photo. I am so very much looking forward to her new album coming out August 13th and seeing her at home in Saskatoon (this time without kids). I definitely encourage everyone to listen to her music, she even has a couple from her new album free to download, so no excuses! 20130727_205251

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