New Year, New Opportunities

Happy New Year!

We celebrated it pretty normal. After supper we played Netflix’s ‘King Julien’s New Years Countdown’ (or something like that), which is basically a 3 minute mini dance party and a 10 second count down at the end, which you can play anytime. So, we played it with the kids, I danced with them (while Andy looked on) and joyfully rang out ‘Happy New Year!’ afterward and celebrated with a chocolate kiss. Then bedtime. It was wonderful.

We had our friend Fr. Darryl over for supper, games and booze, and we happily played Star Craft the evening through while watching Star Wars in the background. Speaking of which, Fr. Darryl has graciously accepted our challenge to him: to go watch the new Star Wars again with each of us separately. You see, we haven’t a babysitter, and not a lot of extra money for it, and this way one of us stays with the kids. Fr. Darryl reluctantly accepted the task *snort*. Let’s just say he’s a fan of the movie.

So, from us to you, Happy New Year!

New Year

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