7 Quick Takes Friday


I am in love with knitting. Is it wrong to anticipate spending future birthday money (May) on yarn and knitting needles? I’m nearly done one side of Spencer’s sweater. It might be monotonous knitting, but it sure happens quicker than I anticipated! I can’t believe myself. I should be locked in a room somewhere. … maybe with a glass of wine


I finally nearly have some Christmas presents ready to send to family. Aren’t I horrible? I love photos, but sorting through a whole year’s worth to make photo albums always seems like such a daunting task until I just do it. I really do wish we hadn’t moved into the digital age…it would be nice to just click and print if I wanted to see them. None of this sorting-through-millions-of-photos crap. Do we even need to chronicle our lives so much? Wait – don’t answer that. Everyone wants to see my food photos. I am choosing to believe this until I die. Must. Photograph. Everything.

IMG_0975Sneezing. Blurry. And chronicled.


3 feels unlucky today. I’m gonna skip it for good measure.


Andy emailed me a disturbing article on quinoa. I now have to completely re-think our use of the ‘grain’. I am so very very not comfortable actively participating in something that is making a nation slowly starve. And it really bothers me that I got caught up in a cycle of suppression.

…in the case of quinoa, there’s a ghastly irony when the Andean peasant’s staple grain becomes too expensive at home because it has acquired hero product status among affluent foreigners preoccupied with personal health, animal welfare and reducing their carbon “foodprint”. Viewed through a lens of food security, our current enthusiasm for quinoa looks increasingly misplaced. [@ end of article]

Am I not an affluent foreigner preoccupied with personal health and reducing my carbon footprint (my view towards being vegetarian can be summed up as such: If God wanted us to be vegetarian, why did he made all the animals out of meat? Therefore, the animal welfare reference is mostly lost on me). The thing is – I am this person, but not at the expense of another person’s life. And by life, I mean primarily their right to basic food (in this case). I need to do some more research into this, but essentially if it’s true, then I might be saying bye bye to quinoa. It was a beautiful love affair.


Continuing with that thought, it does encourage my desire to eat locally, sustainably, and healthily. I’m still planning our garden for this year which, while it won’t mean I can discontinue shopping at grocery stores, it does supplement our food and keeps what we eat down to earth (ha! I’m so clever!). And maybe we’ll be spending a little more time at the farmer’s market making connections this year. Not to mention chumming it up with those new cheesemakers


I’m starting to let Cassia cry herself back to sleep. I had been hoping she would naturally have longer naps than Spencer did, but she’s proving me wrong, and I can’t take another horrible nap schedule like he had. He would go to sleep (which usually took about 15 minutes of active prepping from me or Andy), but only sleep 30 minutes. I hated it. Most babies have a natural 1.5 hour awake period, which Spencer did to the ‘T’ (cassia does too) but I always felt like I was putting him down. Always. Now, with having to keep an active eye on a super-active nearly-3-year-old, I can’t deal with only having 30 minutes until she wakes again.

While I seem to inadvertently be drawn to attachment parenting, being a tired and frustrated Mama because of said 3 year old and a babe who doesn’t sleep long enough is sufficient for me to choose the cry method. It shouldn’t be surprising (but it came as one), but my milk is going through some changes with the different sleeping patterns Cassia is now doing. It’s a little rough. And confusing. But I think she’s eating better too.

IMG_0951They are cuties. And yes, that is a box fan out in the middle of winter in the background.


I am looking forward to an amazing Star Wars marathon this weekend with my amazing husband. We are going to rock it and do all 6 of them. I challenged him to do it in one day, but he’s too chicken. Admittedly, I think my butt would fall off if I did, but I’m game. I could do with some butt falling. Weather considering, of course. Cause what isn’t, these days? (and where does it pull off doing a +2C in mid-January?!)

IMG_0965Playing together. Spencer made a ‘car’ for them (my nursing pillow around them). He played with trucks in the ‘car,’ much like he does in our real car.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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  • andy

    #7: I’m willing. I just figured it wouldn’t happen with working around children’s timing and stuff. And I figured you wouldn’t sit that long. MY BUTT CAN TAKE IT! (Or die trying!)

    And that sweater in the last picture totally makes her look fat. “Does this sweater make me look fat?” “Yes, yes it does, baby gravy.”

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