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  • Travis

    OH! It’s been too long since I checked out your site! I am so glad to see you keep it updated! Wow, Spencer has sure grown! And what cute pics! Ok, enough of the small talk; DID YOU SEE THE NEW HARRY?!?!?!

    I didn’t. So don’t tell. I’m going to see it as soon as football season is over; or sooner.

    God bless!

  • Adam

    So I think you need to do an update on he harry potter movie. Your facebook status seemed a little disappointed so I want more details. We’re going to see it tonight. Saw a trailer for the second movie. Looks pretty sweet…And it in 3D!

    Wish us luck. We may have to stand in a line up of 20 or 30 people 😛 (I love small towns)

  • Adam

    So I was looking at the pictures again, and I think Andy is trying to scar Spencer. Do you see Spencers face in the first pic. Andy’s hand is covering half of his head in the picture, and it looks like Spencer is going to burst into tears. I think you got a kid whose going to be an actor, as he seems to love the camera.

    Also, Andy, thats a pretty sweat watch you got there.

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