Pictured! and Info’d!

Hola people!
I have some new pictures from about a week ago when Andy took a trip here, so I thought I’d share them.

Ooh, and I put up links again on the navigational bar!

And also in other news, for those of you who have bought cd’s lately: Sony is recalling a bunch of them because the “discs contain XCP software, which is used to stop music piracy. But it leaves behind spyware, making computers that play the disc susceptible to hackers and viruses.” That link is the article describing what’s happened, and this link has some (maybe all?) of the cds that have this ‘feature’ on them. The cd’s that have this ‘feature’ have an image in the top left corner, and there is a picture of what that image looks like. So if any of your cds have that image, look into returning them as it can leave your computer vulnerable. It is possible that this ‘feature’ stuff also effects Macs, but there have been conflicting stories about that, apparently (or so Andy said; blame him if I’m wrong :D). Yup.

And now onto the pictures!

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